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Top 3 concerns when choosing serum for dry skin

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The serum in your skincare routine is the step to doing the heaviest lifting when it comes to addressing your complexion issues. Now that you’ve identified that your skin concern is dryness, the following is how to choose the best serum for your dry skin concerns!

1. Recognise Your Skin Type

Is your skin prone to acne? Are you prone to hyperpigmentation? These questions are all relevant when choosing the best serum for you. You want your new serum to address your current skin concern and not create any further issues.

2. Understand Your Sensitivities

When incorporating any new products into your skincare routine, you need to be aware of any ingredients your skin may be sensitive to and how to avoid them. For example – if you’ve reacted to silicones in the past, you need to prevent using a serum heavy on dimethicone. There may be best-sellers containing this ingredient, but it won’t work for you if you are sensitive to this component.

There is a vast range of serums out there, so finding the perfect one for you won’t take you long.

3. Research The Ingredients

You may pick up or find a serum that looks appealing based on its packaging or its claims; however, if you’re not sure about making your purchase, do a quick Google Search on its ingredients! If a serum claims to be an antioxidant serum, but there’s only one antioxidant in the elements, it’s likely not your best option. Try to up your education on ingredients, so you know what you’re looking for and trying to avoid!

Stemlab’s Repair & Glow Serum is an excellent serum for dry skin. This serum was created with the intention, improving texture, oiliness, and redness by delivering Vitamin E and Niacinamide (B3) to the skin. This serum helps build keratin in your skin, keeping it firm and healthy and strengthening your lipid barrier (found in the outermost layer of your skin housing dead skin cells and fats), which helps retain moisture. It also minimises pore appearance and redness!

When choosing your serum, keep your needs in mind and know your ingredients!

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