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The Biggest Myths About Retinol That You Need To Unlearn

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Whether you’ve used retinol in the past, are currently using it, or don’t know much about it – retinol is a popular skincare staple. That’s because it has a range of benefits to your skin, from anti-aging properties to help even skin texture and tone (plus many more).

Having said that, there are a number of myths floating around out there (just a Google click away) that may have you questioning if retinol belongs in your skincare routine.

Have a look at the below so you can make an informed choice about retinol for your skin!

Retinol is a bad chemical

Retinol is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin A, however, if you prefer a proven natural alternative, Retinyl Palmitate is an increasingly popular plant-derived retinol made of pure vitamin A and the fatty acid ‘palmitic acid’.

It is found naturally in our skin and applying it topically is especially helpful as we age. The 1% concentration in the Stemlab Anti-aging Retinol Serum is safe and effective for almost every skin type and condition.

Retinol will make skin red, itchy, and irritated

Not all retinols are the same, and depending on the exact concentration, way it is made and other ingredients in the formulation, there is a chance that some retinol products can cause skin sensitivities or irritations.

Those new to retinol or with more sensitive skin types should begin with a low percentage and build skin tolerance alternating use nightly. There is also a much lower probability of having a skin reaction to natural retinol (Retinyl Palmitate) compared to pure Retinol Vitamin A.

Stemlab has mixed calming ingredients and antioxidants Vitamin E and sea buckthorn berry with our natural retinol to help calm and strengthen skin.

Retinol doesn’t work

This depends on your expectations! Some people hope that retinol will completely erase deep lines and wrinkles and reverse 10 years on the clock, which may not be realistic.

Saying that, retinol can produce some quick improvements and positive changes, such as a natural radiance and glow to your skin.

After longer use, you should start to see a more even skin tone and texture, and reduction in breakouts (because it balances oils and boosts hydration). Improvements to the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and scarring requires longer term, consistent use, but there are many customer testimonials and clinical tests that prove these results are possible.

Retinol is only good for wrinkles

Retinoids work at a cellular level to improve cell turnover, which brings with it a range of positive benefits to your skin health. In many cases this can include a boost collagen and elastin levels, smoother skin, more even tone and texture and less damage (such as sun damage and scarring). You can also experience less breakouts, increased skin hydration and yes, a reduction to visible signs of premature aging, including a reduction to existing fine lines and wrinkles!

Retinol can damage skin

When used correctly it is unlikely retinol will cause any damage skin as it is a reparative active ingredient. Retinol does not thin your skin, which is a common misconception – it actually helps to stimulate collagen and thickens skin.

However, it is important to start with a lower concentration. Jumping straight in to a high strength formula and using the product more often than recommended will not bring faster results – because it just doesn’t work that way! Instead, you risk damaging your skin.

Like most active ingredients, sun sensitivity can be increased and it is absolutely essential to follow use with a high factor SPF every day. This will help the effectiveness of the product and also protect your skin from sun damage and pigmentation.

Many brands will recommend you use retinol in the evening rather than during the day, but you still need to use sunscreen during the day, regardless. It’s best to always protect your skin so you can enjoy the best results with retinol.

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