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5 Ways to Have a More Sustainable Christmas


This time of year is all about celebration and indulgence – in every meaning of the word. Whilst we *love* the joy that Christmas brings, we’re also conscious of the waste that is synonymous with the 25th December. Here are some achievable ways of making your silly season kinder on the planet.

Say no to presents, or give yourself permission to be picky!

Before you panic… we aren’t here to be the grinch. We love present giving and receiving as much as the next person, but! We all have that aunty who still gives us a stocking full of random plastic knick knacks that will inevitably end up in the bin. Make it clear to your extended family that you’d love them to either skip presents altogether or perhaps donate the money to a wonderful charity. Otherwise, they could take the present to one of many organisations like the Salvation Army who are always looking for Christmas donations to families in need. Other charities we love:

When it comes to your immediate family, your closest friends or partner, gift giving can be one of the most joyous parts of the festive season. There’s nothing wrong with making it clear what you’d genuinely love to receive – it means the giver will know you’ll appreciate the gift, their money isn’t going to waste and it’s something that you’ll use or wear for a long time to come. 

Put thought into your wish list

The sales are wild and the ads can’t be escaped – it can make it hard to decipher what’s on your actual wishlist, and what’s caught your attention because of something great marketing but perhaps isn’t something you’ll still love next year. If it’s clothes you’re after, have a real think about where the gaps are in your wardrobe and how many times and to what occasions you could wear the piece. We all know that we need to slow down fashion and being thoughtful around what you add to your wardrobe is the best way to do it. 

Use alternative ways to wrap presents

You know when everyone’s unwrapped their gifts and there’s a monstrous pile of wrapping and packaging in the living room? The sliver of guilt creeps in and then someone stuffs it all into a garbage bag to hide the evidence. Consider alternative ways to wrap your presents:

  • Old newspaper with some twine and holly can look gorgeous
  • Buy everyone a canvas tote bag (we love the ones from Clothing The Gap) so they can an extra present, and it can hold their gifts too
  • Recycled fabric works a treat! Encourage people to reuse it for the same purpose, or you can wrap with a square that could then be used as a bandana or scarf. Tea towels are another goodie
  • If you’re a sucker for beautiful wrapping then you can head to Etsy and purchase some paper made locally to you. There are lots of creators using recycled or bamboo paper too

Shop local

The more an item has to travel, the more it impacts the environment. Buying something from overseas requires a plane trip… buying something from Australia that’s made overseas also requires a plane trip and potentially an unethical supply chain that supports the wrong people. Do your research on this front; we are so lucky in Australia to be surrounded by talented creators and makers; there’s nothing on those wishlists that couldn’t be found locally. Of course it often comes with a higher price, but that’s okay too! Shorten the list and buy quality gifts that will stand the test of time. 

Supporting small businesses means that every sale has someone on the other end jumping with glee. It means so much to us! 

Buy sustainably 

We put a lot of time, energy and money into making sure our products are 100% natural, locally sourced and made. There are plenty of other Australian businesses doing the same thing. Buying from a small local business is step one, but making sure the product or service itself is ethically made and won’t be leaving a big footprint on the planet is step two. Here are some of the things on our wish lists this year…

Anything from Jillian Boustred. Their sustainability page explains their commitment in detail and they tick every important bit off. We love to see it!

Organic cotton beach towels from The Mantel Store. These are gorgeous and not something many people would buy themselves – the perfect Australian Summer gift.

Sarah and Sebastian are a well known Australian brand for a reason – their jewellery is stunning, it’s sustainably sourced and crafted locally and is made to order so there’s no waste. We love that the boxes are made of recycled wood, and if you want to be even more conscious, you can take the box back to the store so they can reuse it for another purchase!

If you’re buying for an interiors lover, you can’t go past Dinosaur Designs. Another established Australian brand, their resin homewares are always on trend, and always hand made in their studio. These salad bowls are perfect for the foodie in your life and double as a ring bowl or just something pretty to display. 

We can’t wrap this sustainable blog up without mentioning our most loved product, the Repair and Glow Serum. It’s perfect for all skin types, feels luxurious, has a beautiful scent from all the natural ingredients and will leave the wellness lover with beautiful skin for Summer. Give the gift of self care.

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