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7 Reasons Why You Should Add Niacinamide To Your Skincare Routine


For those that don’t already know – what is Niacinamide? 

This water-soluble vitamin is an active ingredient that works with the natural substances in your skin to manage a range of skin concerns. It is proven to bring improvements to skin health and is available in both synthetic forms and natural forms (Vitamin B3).

It’s highly compatible

Niacinamide is highly compatible with many other products, including retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other antioxidants. It is great in serum form or mixed in with a moisturiser.  It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones, as it is a skin calmer that actually helps reduce irritation. 

It also works fast – you should see both immediate improvements as well as longer-term effects with regular, consistent use in your skincare routine.

Reduces blemishes and regulates oil

One of the key uses and benefits of Niacinamide is its ability to calm acne, reduce current and prevent future blemishes and regulate oil. Part of this comes from reducing inflammation, which also helps to improve skin tone and texture and decrease redness.

Repairs damaged skin

Many factors contribute to impairing your skin’s natural barrier, but Niacinamide is here to help! It is capable of strengthening your skin’s lipid barrier – this is the layer of skin that will gradually and naturally deteriorate over time. A strong skin barrier means healthy, balanced skin packed with beneficial oils and essential moisture.

Nourished & hydrated skin

As we mentioned above, this wonder ingredient is as useful to oily skin as it is to dry, combination or sensitive. By helping improve your natural production of ceramides, the surface of the skin is protected against dehydration. 

Niacinamide has also been proven to boost the hydrating ability of your moisturiser enabling your skin to better resist moisture loss which leads to dry, tight, flaky skin.

Smooth & brighten

Get ready for a natural glow! Niacinamide is highly restorative and helps to renew and restore your skin. This includes damage from sun-induced UV rays (think pigmentation) and other discoloration for more radiant skin.

Prevent & protect against premature aging

Niacinamide can rebuild skin cells whilst also protecting them from further damage, such as all-important collagen, your body’s natural anti-aging protein. It can also help protect skin from environmental damage and stresses including pollution and toxins.

Easily accessible and simple to use

Extensive research has been undertaken towards understanding how best to use Niacinamide and which concentrations and other blends and inclusions result in optimum skincare results. 

As such, it is becoming an increasingly popular and beneficial inclusion to skincare routines and can be used morning and evening. 

Stemlab’s Repair & Glow Serum contains Niacinamide 3% and Vitamin E (a healing antioxidant) as active ingredients that boosts the formation of collagen and balance and repair skin for a natural glow. 

We believe less is more and that you deserve the best for your skin which is why our serum is made from natural (not synthetic) ingredients that are sustainably sourced within Australia, and sans animal testing. 

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