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5 Benefits of Vitamin E For Your Skin


Vitamin E (also known in the science world as ‘Alpha-Tocopherol’) is a nutrient that is used within the body to support the immune system, helping your cells to regenerate and heal! It is also a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that are essential for your everyday health. Vitamin E works to protect cell membranes from the damage inflicted by free-radicals in the environment.

When applied topically to your face, Vitamin E is known for its benefits in reducing inflammation and making your skin look younger and fresher!

1. Deeply Moisturises

Vitamin E’s most common and best-known feature is its ability to heal dry and dehydrated skin. As an oil-soluble nutrient, Vitamin E is heavier than water-soluble products. When applied regularly, Vitamin E prevents loss of moisture (the cause of dehydrated skin) and rejuvenates dull skin. The Stemlab Repair & Glow Serum delivers an intense hit of Vitamin E to your skin, giving it a much needed moisture boost!

Stemlab repair & glow serum (Soure: Instagram)

2. Assists with hyperpigmentation

Dark patches on your skin can be caused by an overproduction of pigment (known as melanin), which can be triggered by sun damage, pregnancy, hormones and allergies to name a few. Vitamin E is extremely powerful in treating hyperpigmentation, especially when paired with Vitamin C.

3. Powerful anti-aging properties

Vitamin E is high in antioxidants and has a big impact on blood circulation. When using a product containing Vitamin E regularly (such as the Vegan Anti-Aging Retinol Serum), you will notice a significant difference in the firmness and structure of your skin. Dermatologists prescribe ingredients that are rich in antioxidants regularly when treating or delaying the aging process, also known as photoaging.

Stemlab anti-aging retinol serum
Stemlab anti-aging retinol serum (Soure: Instagram)

4. Heals sunburn

To understand how Vitamin E assists with healing sunburn, you need a little knowledge on Free Radicals. Free Radicals are pollutants that can damage cells, causing premature aging. They can either be produced within the body through natural processes, or introduced from an outside source like tobacco smoke, sun exposure, toxins, or pollutants. Free Radicals caused by UV radiation can result in dark spots  (hyperpigmentation) and sunburn. Vitamin E neutralises the damage, working to repair and soothe sunburned skin.

5. Fades stretch marks

Stretch marks are a completely normal part of life, and some of us love our tiger stripes! For those who would like to fade their stretch marks, Vitamin E is a great way to do this. Regularly applying Vitamin E and gently massaging it into the affected area/s will work to restore elasticity and lighten visible stretch marks.

Overall, Vitamin E works to address a range of skin concerns and is a must-have in your skincare routine! Add it to your skin care routine and reap the glowing rewards!

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