Debunking 3 Common Myths About Mature Skin Types

There are lots of myths out there about how to turn back the clock, reverse signs of aging and more, and we want to debunk some of the more common falsities to help you seek the best solutions for your skin.

Aging gracefully and naturally is close to Stemlab’s heart and our vision for everyone’s skin health.

The reality is, as we age, our natural production of collagen (our personal skin firming and elasticity store) that keeps skin plump, youthful and helps prevent sagging declines.

There are lots of myths out there about how to turn back the clock, reverse signs of aging and more, and we want to debunk some of the more common falsities to help you seek the best ways to improve your skin.

1. Only Medical Procedures Can Help

Absolutely debunked! This is definitely not true. Skin procedures, such as anti-aging injections (botox) or fillers are a personal choice that should not come with judgement, however, we want to remain factual – in some cases, they work well, but also come with associated risks.

These procedures are also costly and do require regular touch-ups and repeat visits in most cases. They also do not replace a skincare routine, which you’ll still need to maintain results and have healthy skin.

We know first-hand you can absolutely see amazing effects on your skin by taking a natural less invasive path instead.

Stemlab products use active ingredients; inclusions that are tried, tested and proven results to improve a range of skin conditions, such as a reduction to fine lines, pigmentation and higher levels of moisture, balanced oils, fewer breakouts and more even skin tone and texture.

Yes, it is really possible to achieve with the products rich in antioxidants, vitamins and concentrated active ingredients that go to work on your skin health right away and over time reveal significant changes (without pain, sensitivities, or downtime).

2. Using A Bare-Minimum Approach To Aging Is Best

We love an uncomplicated, natural approach to skincare, however using a bare minimum, such as just a face wash and light moisturiser isn’t doing your skin justice.

It’s integral you utilise ingredients that are deeply replenishing, hydrating and mature skin tailored to really serve your skin’s requirements. Generally, as we age, the skin will lose not just collagen but also moisture, and our skin becomes more prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’re blessed with oily skin, that is actually a good thing for some premature signs of aging, but no doubt you will still want to be able to balance your oil.

A serum is an essential addition day and night. Serums contain smaller molecules that deliver higher concentrations of skin-loving active ingredients deeper below the surface. They really help repair damage and prevent future damage. We love using a balancing niacinamide-based serum during the day (our Repair & Glow Serum) to reduce breakouts, hydrate and heal.

In the evening, a natural plant-based Anti-Aging Retinol Serum will be your go-to hard-working product that gently resurfaces skin and improves the appearance of premature aging while you sleep.

3. Once You Have Mature Skin Damage, You’re Stuck With It

It’s a big no on this common mature skin myth too! It’s never too late to improve your skin health and reverse the damage.

It’s just important to be realistic and remember that if you have deep lines and wrinkles, haven’t worn sunscreen on your face every day, or don’t maintain your skin with the right products, it may just take longer to see results once you switch to a better approach and routine.

Our skin cycle for shedding old, dead cells and seeing fresh, renewed ones takes longer as we age. It can take at least 12 weeks (or in some cases longer) to see visible improvements from skincare, in terms of improved texture, tone, and a reduction to fine lines. The good news is, it gets better and better as time goes on and hydrated, smoother, softer skin will come faster.

The key is to be consistent in your use and patient. Improving the way your skin looks and feels takes time, but it’s a journey that’s worth taking in the long term.

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